Move In Requirements

  • Standard Florida Contract
  • Driver's License or Valid ID 
  • Registration of Vehicle​

Since 1976

Move Out Policy

  • Notify our office of move-outat least a week in advance
  • ​If moving out before the first day of the month, notify us before the end of the last month or you will be charged in full for the next month
  • If moving out within the first week of the month you will be moved to a daily rate 
  • If you move out without informing the office you will be charged a month's rent 
  • No Full or Partial Refunds
  • If you move out before the first of the month you have already paid for we will offer one month's credit, but no refund 
  • Ensure that your unit is clean before check-out: We will inspect it and charge a fee if it needs cleaning

Payment Policy

  • Your first month is pro-rated
  • From the 2nd month until your move out, payments are due on the first
  • ​You have until the 10th to pay before a late fee is added
  • We offer an auto-pay option
  • We accept cash, check, and card payments